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Welcome to The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership 

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Who is the healthy skin kitchen membership for?

The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership is for people with Skin Rashes, plus anyone who wants to support a child or family member who struggles with these issues. 


When you join, you pay a small monthly fee to gain access to all of nutritionist Karen Fischer's tried-and-tested, science-based dietary programs, with bonus videos, forum discussions and podcasts to help you successfully follow these programs, and stay on track, every step of the way. Plus you'll gain access to shopping lists, menus, information for itchy bubs, Karen's FREE e-book (find out how to get the whole family loving veggies) and you'll have new recipes each week, and much more. 

We are offering a special pre-launch price for a limited time, so if you sign up to the Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership in January, before our official launch, you will never pay full price (see the bottom of this page for the waitlist form).

Your choice of programs

If you are unsure if you have food intolerances, the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) Program can give you clear answers and support.

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forums, videos

The Healthy Skin Kitchen membership includes plenty of healthy diet-related information, and some non-diet info to help you create beautiful skin.

Imagine going to school, work or on holiday and feeling good about your skin.

Right now you might hide your skin rash by wearing long sleeves (even in summer!) and avoid or limit socialising, because you are tired of hearing “Are you sunburnt?” or “What happened to your skin?” ... You feel like it’s ALL people see when they look at you (or your child)—The Rash. It hurts your feelings, right?


We understand because we have lived it too.

We give you the tools you need to manage your skin rash and identify food intolerances and other possible triggers so you can take control of your skin, instead of it controlling your life. 

Imagine having a good night’s sleep without itching or flaking all over the bed.

If you travel or stay overnight at a friend’s house, do you take your own sheets with you because you don’t want your skin to flake or bleed on other people’s sheets? It’s embarrassing, right?


There are thousands of people, just like you, who have followed our programs and are now enjoying an itch-free, flake-free sleep, they are sleeping more soundly and they don't need to pack their bulky sheets when they travel. 


We have Scratch Solutions and ways to manage and prevent flare ups. And our programs include lots of effective Sleep Solutions to help you sleep better, so you can experience the joy of a good night's sleep.  It will give you the confidence you need to enjoy overnight stays. 

Imagine going for a swim or having a shower without your skin stinging or burning like crazy.

Do you avoid swimming at the beach or pool because it irritates your skin? And is taking a bath or shower a stressful event because it just hurts so much? No one understands how much it burns and stings, am I right?


Listen to our 'Stingless' Series of Podcasts, dedicated to helping you get back in the water, sting-free, so you can enjoy bathing, instead of worrying about your skin. 


It’s something others take for granted, but we get it.

Imagine hanging out with people who understand what you are going through.

Are you tired of being told to simply "Stop Scratching" and other advice such as "You must learn to live with it" or "There is no cure" and "Hopefully you (or your child) will grow out of it" or "You have to avoid this or that food forever" ...  While this advice is well meaning, it's disheartening, right? 


We have a caring community that knows what it’s like to suffer with crazy, itchy skin rashes and Food Chemical Intolerance.  Our online Membership is a positive space where you can connect with others, like you, and receive the community support and dietary information and tips you need to THRIVE during this difficult time. 

Find your tribe here!
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James (United Kingdom)

I have suffered from eczema ever  since I was a baby. I have tried every lotion and potion and diet out there and nothing has really got to the heart of it until I stumbled upon you. I really love the overall ethos, the clarity and frankly the honesty around it ... and it has been a really big uplift for me... The sense of community and positivity around it. I love the recipes. I really appreciate the help and support and it's been hugely beneficial for me. 

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Anna (United States)

I did the FID Program strictly for 3 months ... I actually learned some amazing recipes from doing FID and still cook them!  Doing FID was the best thing I did for my skin and my body. It’s been 10 months on your program and the eczema that has been on my face for almost 12 years is GONE. I haven’t gotten a flare-up in months. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! My face actually looks normal again.

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Joseph (Australia)

After 5 months on the FID Program I can now finally understand what was causing my skin issues and how to fix it. My eczema is basically gone ... I have expanded my diet and added a lot more foods now compared to when I first started the diet, and although I am still testing certain foods to see how my skin reacts, I am able to have a cheat meal once a week with no reaction from my skin! 

Results may vary. We do not guarantee you will have the same self-motivation, determination or results as other members. 

How to get your child to eat healthy foods and ask for more... 
read the e-book for free

When I first published 'Don't Tell Them It's Healthy' in 2008 the media networks went crazy for it. The book appeared on every network in Australia including Sky News, Seven's Sunrise, Nine Network and Channel 10, to name a few, and it caught the positive attention of medical professionals and magazines who were keen to promote its positive message.

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Dr. Rosemary Stanton 

(Testimonial on the back of the book)

"Our children are suffering from the effects of too much junk food, but simply damning the stuff is unlikely to help many to change their poor eating habits. It's so much better to look for positive suggestions and this book has some wonderfully creative ideas that could really turn your child on to healthy foods. Read it and benefit from Karen's practical experience and her infectious enthusiasm.”

Dr. Katrina Warren

Television presenter, vet and mother 

"A healthy child is a happy child and in our busy world filled with fast food options, I want to make sure my daughter Charlotte’s nutritional requirements are met. Don’t Tell Them It's Healthy is full of simple, practical tips to ensure Charlotte eats a balanced diet and will also help give her the life skills to make her own healthy eating choices."


​"I did allergy testing and I avoid the foods I’m allergic to, and I still have eczema. So do I really need to change my diet?"

Allergy testing is a good start, so that's great you have done the first phase of testing. However, research shows that allergy testing is often inaccurate and that’s why this dietary approach is limited in effectivness. For example, researchers tested 183 children with eczema using two doctor-prescribed testing methods. They found 67% of them adversely reacted to dairy during a Skin Prick Test. However, 0% of them reacted to dairy during the Patch Test (when it was first done) but then 89% of them adversely reacted to dairy during the SAME Patch Test after they waited a while (which showed a delayed adverse reaction to dairy). So if this group of children had relied on the skin prick test alone, 22% of them would have been falsely diagnosed. If they had done the patch test and not waited enough time, 89% of them would have been incorrectly diagnosed (Isolauri, E. and Turjanmaa, K., 1996). Plus allergy testing does not diagnose Food Chemical Intolerance, such as Gluten Intolerance, Salicylate Sensitivity or Histamine Intolerance, and these chemicals can make people itch like crazy. Food Chemical Intolerance can ONLY be diagnosed by a very specific elimination diet, such as the Food Intolerance Diagnosis Program (known as FID). The FID Program has been specifically designed for people with skin inflammation, it has helped thousands of people get answers, it is backed by science and it is far more accurate than allergy testing alone. Of course, if you have anaphylaxis you should definitely avoid those foods too—and don’t worry, our recipes do not include common allergy foods including peanut, sesame, dairy, egg and wheat. And you can take your prescribed medications while following any of The Healthy Skin Kitchen Programs. You can also use our programs in combination with your doctor-prescribed allergy test results, especially if you have done a skin prick test or a delayed patch test, but keep in mind other allergy tests, such as blood tests, are less reliable. If your allergy tests had given you ALL of the answers you wouldn’t be here today searching for answers!

"Can I follow any of your programs while I am pregnant or breast feeding?"

I have had patients who were pregnant or breastfeeding who followed our programs with extra guidance (from me during consultations), so you can follow our programs with the guidance of your doctor or health care professional who knows your health history, just to check it’s okay for you to change your diet before you begin. And continue to take your pregnancy multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, such as Elevit.

The Healthy Skin Kitchen programs do not restrict portion size or meal frequency so you should be well satisfied and never go hungry on our programs, which is important when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. When you join our Membership, let us know you are pregnant or breastfeeding so we can guide you to our pregnancy and breastfeeding section, which has tailored advice for you. And you can ask our registered nutritionists questions any time you like.

"Is your diet approach backed by science?"

YES, absolutely. The Healthy Skin Kitchen programs are based on Food Chemical Intolerance research and Skin Inflammation research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals over the past 50+ years. For the references please refer to my book The Eczema Diet. This includes research conducted by the RPA Hospital Allergy Unit in Sydney—research that is published on the Australian Government website, so you know it’s legit. It took years for me to compile this information and I spent many nights on my computer, often until midnight. Each time I found a research paper that linked skin inflammation to food chemical intolerance I wondered, why don't people with eczema and other skin rashes know about this?!!! NOBODY was talking about it and still today, people recommend trendy high chemical foods to people with skin inflammation, which could make their skin much worse. It's just crazy! Our diet approach is not based on fads, it's science based AND tried-and-tested over many years, with thousands of people, just like you.

"What about Leaky Gut, can your approach help with that?"

Yes it can ... It is a scientific fact that food chemicals, including salicylates and lectins, can create tiny holes in the gut lining and cause temporary damage to the stomach lining and Food Chemical Intolerance is linked to Irritable Bowel Disease (Loblay and Swain). Most popular diets are VERY RICH in plant chemicals that can damage the gut lining in sensitive individuals. So these diets are not usually suitable for people with chronic skin inflammation such as eczema (unless it is an "easy case" of eczema, which I cover in another FAQ, below). Leaky gut is such a popular topic right now but we are not getting the full story. Food Chemical Intolerance is one of the major causes leaky gut. And The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership is the first online program to properly address this issue.

"I'm vegan, and I want to stay being vegan, so can I do your program?"

YES. In the past, I have been vegan too so I understand this diet well. So The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership includes vegan menus that you can follow or adapt, and plenty of delicious vegan recipes that everyone can enjoy, not just vegans and vegetarians.

"I have an autoimmune disease so I do not eat any grains or legumes. So do you have Paleo-inspired recipes or programs?"

YES. I have previously suffered from an autoimmune disease that left me unable to eat grains and legumes (temporarily) so I understand what you are going through. And I know the Paleo regime well. So we have included Paleo menus and recipes that adhere to the Autoimmune Paleo rules, while also being lower in food chemicals as this is an even better approach to helping people cope with autoimmune conditions. And ANYONE can enjoy these delicious recipes, not just Paleo devotees.

"Why does some people's eczema clear up easily and I have suffered for 20 years? I have tried everything so what am I doing wrong?"

It is not your fault. Some people have what I call "easy eczema" and other people have "difficult eczema" which needs a more tailored and personalised approach. People with "easy eczema" don't have Food Chemical Intolerance, so they can apply a standard eczema cream or clean up their diet a bit, and their eczema clears up and rarely comes back. Thankfully, the world is full of solutions for people with "easy eczema" but unfortunately they don't help everyone, so we aim to fill that gap in the health system. People with "difficult eczema" are usually the ones who suffer and suffer and keep searching until they find me or my books. So if this sounds like you, you could finally be on the right track! The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership can help you identify YOUR triggers via the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) Program, which contains accurate food lists based on scientific research, so you can eat a healthy diet that is right for you, based on your personal FID results. Then, when your body indicates it's the right time, we show you how to expand your diet. And we can help you, with videos and tutorials, every step of the way.

Is your Membership for everyone or are there exceptions that I should know about before signing up? [Read this if you have a life-threatening health problem, disorder or disease]

The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership is not designed for people with a life-threatening health condition, such as cancer, severe depression, some types of mental issues, anorexia, etc. We feel it is more important for you to get specialised, in person, help along with a personalised health/medical program that is designed for your specific circumstances.

Our programs are for relatively healthy people, with skin inflammation and/or food intolerances as their major concern. Other issues that may be helped by a Low Chemical Diet include ADD/ADHD, some behavioural issues, Arthritis, Migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but you should keep taking your meditcations and check with your doctor before changing