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Do you have eczema, psoriasis or another common skin problem that is driving you crazy or preventing you from living your best life? We have the answers! Let me and my team of expert nutritionists help you on your journey to clear skin.

 I'm nutritionist Karen Fischer. For the past 20 years I've helped thousands of skin disorder patients get their life back. Here, you'll find  information about my latest book, The Healthy Skin Kitchen. You can join my exclusive online community, with unlimited access to new healthy skin recipes, chat forums, podcasts and videos (coming soon). 

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About us

Karen: Bachelor of Health Science; nutritionist, author and mother

My personal and family journey with eczema is the reason The Healthy Skin Kitchen exists. My previous books include The Eczema Detox and The Eczema Diet which I wrote after my daughter's eczema cleared up. I know what it's like to struggle with embarrassing skin disorders that no one could fix. Personally, I have successfully beaten head-to-toe eczema, hives and psoriasis when I found the underlying triggers of my symptoms. You can do this too.

Bonnie: Bachelor of Nutrition and Health Promotion, nutritionist 

I suffered from chronic eczema for most of my life and despite years of taking strong medications and steroid creams, I continued to suffer. This had a significant impact on me. In my mid-teens, I embarked on a new journey to heal my skin from the inside out after reading Karen’s books. To my delight, my skin completely healed. This made me realise the incredible impact of diet and lifestyle, and how much it has an effect on our lives both good and bad. This encouraged me to study in the hope of helping others. I am so thankful to work at the HSK where I can offer support and share my personal journey with eczema.   

Katie: Nutritionist 

I am a registered nutritionist and have been working with Karen for over 4 years now. I love cooking in the kitchen and creating recipes for people with eczema. Experiencing gut issues of my own led me to study nutritional medicine where I gained a strong interest in skin and gut issues. I love seeing the benefits that people experience through a holistic approach. I also work with eczema sufferers who are following Karen's diet programs, offering additional tips and tailored advice to support their healing journey.


"The Healthy Skin Kitchen is a visual feast and a heart-felt guide to skin wellness. I greatly value and prioritize health and wellbeing in my life and this book will serve as a wonderful guide to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy diet whilst allowing their skin to reap the benefits. As a former patient and close friend for 27 years, I trust Karen’s advice and her recipes are delicious!"


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The Healthy Skin Kitchen (HSK) membership has been designed specifically for those with sensitive skin who need on-going support from qualified nutritionists. This includes private access to weekly recipes, classes, podcasts, forum support and, most importantly, a space for a shoulder to lean on throughout your healing journey. 

Skin conditions can be devastating and painful - we get this! In most cases, slapping on a cream is not enough. But there are other effective solutions and, by joining our community, we will share them with you. Here we aim to give you the tools, knowledge and support. We want you feel empowered to heal your skin and yourself. 

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