How is this site different from other wellness sites?

The HSK membership program focuses on skin health and is tailored to those who suffer from skin disorders such as eczema, RSS, rosacea, food sensitivities, psoriasis, hives, histamine intolerance, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) or even if you are a parent with a little one suffering from these conditions. 

Do I need the HSK book or any of Karen's previous books to be a member? 

No, it is not essential to own The Healthy Skin Kitchen book to be part of the membership program. It is, however, a great resource to have in conjunction with the program. And if you are new to the eczema diet programs then it would be great to start with the chemical intolerance workshop and work from here through the workshops, which help to really explain everything. You can also check out the top foods for skin health, food charts to get you started, menu suggestions etc. Plus, of course, the forum support, podcasts etc.

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Is the program suitable for me if I have Karen's books and have followed her programs in The Eczema Detox or The Healthy Skin Kitchen program? 

The idea is we are here to help support you whenever you are, on your eczema diet journey. So, if you have read any of her books and consider yourself a hardcore follower you may more want to use this membership for forum support, the new brain health information, new recipes and the podcast, the nutrient guide or the eczema diet and gratitude diary.

Do I need to be taking Skin Friend supplements to do the program? 

No. Although Skin Friend is beneficial alongside the program to support the skin, calm the itch and replace missing nutrients required for skin health it is not a requirement.

What if I need personalized support? 

Through the HSK you can receive personalised support via the forums and through one-on-one chat with the Healthy Skin Kitchen nutritionists. Please keep in mind that this is general support in line with the Healthy Skin Kitchen programs and does not replace a consultation with a health practitioner. As each person and situation is unique, this advice is a general guide-only and should not be substituted for the advice given to you by a medical professional. We recommend you check with your health practitioner before changing your diet or taking new supplements or if more personalised support for your health conditions are required. As we comply with strict FDA and TGA guidelines, we cannot diagnose, treat, cure or make any health claims of curing your disorder or disease. 

Is this a community where I can complain about my skin? 


This is a positive place to support and encourage people on their journey. So please keep this in mind in the forum support. Of course it is nice to be able to vent, but we really want to also focus on positive language especially when working to heal. Using positive language shows to be really beneficial when working to improve conditions, so it’s best if we can be mindful of the way we speak about our health conditions. With this in mind, we ask people to be mindful of the language they use, and try to keep it positive when asking questions, giving advice etc. 


What will be regularly added as part of my subscription? 

  • Every week there will be a new recipe and video

  • There will be new podcast episodes 

  • Ongoing forum support 

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