Infected eczema

Key notes and resources for this episode:

Some symptoms and signs of infected eczema include:

  • If your skin has an unpleasant smell

  • oozing/puss or yellow crust (be aware this can also be caused from food sensitivities)

  • Aches and pains in your joints

  • high temperature (fever)

  • Swollen glands

  • inflamed skin (swollen, hot, red)

  • blistered skin, 'boils' and cysts

Consult with your Doctor if you think your skin may be infected

Natural remedies for infected eczema

Only appropriate if the infection is not purple, smelling or painful

  • Zinc oxide cream

  • Bath recipes found here

  • Apple cider vinegar spray found here

Ways to prevent infected eczema

  • Washing hands

  • Have short nails

  • Wash clothes regularly with sensitive skin wash- add vinegar

  • Ensure that clothes dry properly to avoid mould

  • Increase good hygiene when applying creams and steroids

  • If you have hand eczema and are unable to wash your hands use cotton gloves to apply creams


Hosts: Katie Layland, Karen Fischer

Producer: Bonnie Taylor

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