'Nomato Sauce' with Meatballs + Pasta

Meatballs... pasta.. sauce... we created this meal for our eczema friendly kiddies, although I think this one will make the adults jealous. This red rich sauce just looks like a tomato pasta sauce, but is full of eczema friendly vegetables so it doesn't contain the same itch promoting food chemicals found in tomatoes.

Health benefits:

Carrots are extremely rich in beta carotene, which can help to increase your skin's hydration and protect it from UV sun damage. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body which also encourages skin cell turnover.

Leeks are anti-inflammatory and alkalising which can be beneficial for those with eczema, as inflammation and excess acidity in the body can contribute to skin conditions such as eczema (along with other causes including genetics and gut health issues). Leeks are a rich source of vitamin K, folate and manganese which is vital for healthy skin.

Serves: 3-4 (depending on ages and appetites)

Prep time: 30 minutes

cooking time: 50 minutes


For the pasta sauce

4 carrots (peeled and cubed)

1 medium sized beetroot (peeled and cubed)

4 good sized garlic cloves (peeled and minced)

1 leek (washed and diced)

1 cup water

1 tablespoon of rice bran oil

1 1/2 teaspoons good quality salt

1 teaspoon of brown rice syrup or maple syrup

3/4 teaspoon of garlic powder (or omit for more milder flavour)

1/2 teaspoon of ascorbic acid or citric acid

For the meatballs

500 grams of good quality beef mince (or chicken mince or lamb mince can be used)

2 cloves fresh Garlic, or 2 teaspoon garlic powder

¼ cup of 'oatmeal crumbs' (lightly whiz oats in a blender to form a course meal), see lamb meatball recipe video for visual instructions.

¾ teaspoon good quality salt such as Celtic sea salt

5 tablespoons of oat milk (or other dairy free milk of choice)

Optional - 1 teaspoon of chopped chives

1 packet of gluten free pasta, spelt pasta or bean pasta (whatever if your little ones favourite)


Place a medium/large sized pan on a moderate heat and add in the rice bran oil with the chopped leeks. Sautéed for about 5-10 minutes until soft. Add in the garlic, carrots and beets and continue cooking for another 5 minutes.

Cover with the water and a lid, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer with the lid on for about 40-50 minutes or until carrots and beets are very soft and can be pierced easily with a fork. If a few extra splashes of water are needed throughout the cooking process this is fine.

Pre oven to 175 deg C (350 deg F)

When the vegetables are cooked through and ready to blend, turn the heat off and allow to slightly cool while you make your meatballs. Place the mince, along with the garlic, oat crumbs, salt, oat milk and chopped chives (if using) into a bowl and combine everything with your hands. Once combined, use a tablespoon to scoop the mixture, roll into meatballs and place side by side in a roasting tray. Cover the meatballs with a drizzle of water and oil of your choice (oil can be omitted if you wish), and place in a preheated oven for about 1o -15 minutes, or until juicy and cooked through.

Pour the vegetables and extra juice into a blender along with the brown rice syrup, garlic powder, salt and ascorbic or citric acid. Blend until mixture is combined, then taste and adjust with additional salt, garlic powder, ascorbic acid if needed.

Cook your pasta according to the packet instructions (be sure to keep an eye on your meatballs and remove when ready).

Once the pasta has finished cooking, plate up the pasta, stir through pasta sauce and top with meatballs. Can also garnish with shallots or chives and serve alongside some iceberg lettuce or carrot sticks.

If you have any leftover sauce, this can be used in our kiddies pizza recipe or frozen to use at a later stage.

Yummo xx

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