Weekly Warrior: Joseph

This week we are sharing Joseph’s story…

Joseph has suffered from eczema his entire life…until now (sneaky giveaway to the end of this story).

Joseph was never too bothered by his eczema, which manifested on his arms. That was until this year (I think it's safe to say we all experienced a little extra stress in 2020) when it traveled to his hands.

Joseph recalls his experience with eczema.

“What I at first thought was nothing turned out to be the most stressful and painful thing that could have ever happened to me not only mentally but physically too. The constant pain and itch at times was unbearable. I was constantly waking up at night with an aggressive itch that lasted hours. Every cream I was given constantly made my eczema spread and feel a lot worse. Not only that but it got to the point where I hated leaving my house knowing people could see my hands, as well as the constant fear of it never going away, ate me up inside."

Joseph was at breaking point when he decided to try the FID program from Karen's book, The Eczema Detox. Joseph swapped his regular fast food and desserts for red cabbage, leeks, and skinless chicken breast. He describes that this was in no way easy as he found it challenging giving up many of the foods he loved however, it became easier to embrace as the healing began.

Feeling his skin and energy levels improve lifted Josephs’s spirits, bringing him out of the darkness and making it easier for him to continue with even more determination than before.

Joseph found taking Skin Friend AM and PM was really helpful on his journey as he noticed his skin healed a lot faster once he started taking them.

Joseph also used Skin Friend 24 Hour Rescue Balm and noted that “It was my favourite product as it definitely made my skin feel so much smoother and helped clear up my eczema. Also, it would never sting when using it as some other moisturisers did.”

Since his skin has improved on Karen's FID program, Joseph is now able to lead a more active lifestyle.

"I do feel a lot more active right now since starting the FID diet, so I tend to go on a lot more runs throughout the week and I have noticed that it does make me feel a lot better."

Joseph’s journey is not quite over yet as he is still on the FID program, testing different types of food every week to see how his skin reacts. Although he continues on the FID program his eczema is long gone since completely eliminating trigger foods from his diet.

Thank you so much to Joseph for sharing his story. We hope it can help you embark on a healing journey if you're struggling with itchy, bitchy skin!

Much love (and happy skin)!

xx Bonnie

Article by nutritionist Bonnie, Copyright © The Healthy Skin Kitchen. Recipes for the FID program feature in Karen's new book The Healthy Skin Kitchen.