Weekly Warrior: Kyla

This week's warrior is Kyla. Kyla has suffered from eczema since she was around 5 years old and she usually kept her eczema under control, experiencing only small patches behind her knees and in the creases on her arms.

But this changed when she moved to a new city that had an abundance of cider trees. This triggered an eczema explosion, which spread all over her body. Doctors prescribed topical steroid creams and Kenalog shots, and after a few years on these treatments Kyla's skin was addicted—unable to control an eczema flare without them. This prompted Kyla to stop using them all together.

Unfortunately due to the nature of long-term or excessive use of topical steroid creams, this sent her body into topical steroid withdrawal (known as red skin syndrome). This can occur when a person abruptly stops using topical steroids on their skin after years of frequent use. While short-term use of topical steroid/cortisone appears to be harmless (and sometimes necessary in severe cases!), it has been well documented that long-term use can have side-effects.

Kyla said “Topical Steroid Withdrawal has been some of the darkest times of my life. Some days it has been hard getting up in the morning.”

Kyla tried various topical treatments, but these only masked the real issue. Her skin was at its worst, and it was at this point that Kyla decided it was time to embark on a new journey: healing herself naturally from within. Kyla started the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) Program from Karen Fischer's book, The Eczema Detox:

“It isn't easy. But I was so ready to heal myself I kept at it. It's been almost 10 weeks now and I have introduced a lot of foods, and have pinpointed some big triggers for me. I think a big thing to keep in mind on FID is that healing isn't linear. Take it week by week. If you're generally improving then you're doing the right thing. I would get so stressed about my skin from day to day (one day being good, next day being bad, etc) but then I'd look at my skin from two weeks ago (pictures are important) and I'd realize that I was healing, bit by bit! I have realized my main triggers have been gluten, dairy, avocado, eggs, tomatoes, limes and lemons. It's freeing knowing what to avoid to help me heal. I think a lot of eczema sufferers think our body is our enemy. It brings us so much discomfort, so I understand that. But through FID and this healing journey I'm making peace with myself.”

To support her journey Kyla took Skin Friend AM and PM daily.

Kayla reported “The AM/PM supplements have been immensely helpful in my healing journey. Night one when I took PM I noticed I slept better. I've noticed my skin has been softer, less red and I've only been taking it about two weeks now.”

Kyla, like many warriors finds that stress is a significant trigger for her, so she has implemented lots of yoga and plenty of meditation into her routine. In addition, Kyla made some significant lifestyle changes so she can spend more time focusing on her health and healing.

Kayla said "It has given me time to do things for myself. I hike, walk my dog, cook yummy food, and look for restaurants that will work with my healing journey.”

"My skin issues were obviously telling me something, and in the past I'd try and cover it up with creams and steroids, but now I'm ready to be my own 'skin friend' and really listen to what is going on in my body."

Much love (and happy skin)

Bonnie XX

Article by nutritionist Bonnie, Copyright © The Healthy Skin Kitchen. Recipes for the FID program feature in Karen's new book The Healthy Skin Kitchen. Find more recipes on our blog page.